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The CZ Series - For All Your Seismic Needs

Dec 11, 2018 2:35:00 PM / by C-Port Sales Team


Do you need a rooftop pipe support for a seismic installation?  Contrary to our other products, our CZ Series is the only C-Port designed to be a penetrating roof block specifically for this purpose.

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Plastic, Wood, or Rubber - Which Material is Right for Your Roof?

Nov 2, 2018 10:29:00 AM / by C-Port Sales Team posted in c-port


There are many different options out there for you when you’re looking for rooftop pipe supports. When put to the test, which is the best material to use – wood, rubber, or plastic? (Hint: it’s rubber.)  Read the post below for our analysis of the three different options.

Option #1: Wood

Have you ever seen a wooden 2x4 after it’s been left out to the elements for months? Years? It doesn’t look pretty.  Wood blocks deteriorate after being left exposed to regular weather conditions such as sunlight and rain, but if you live in an area where it gets extremely hot or cold, the deterioration is accelerated.  By using wood blocks, you will need to replace the blocks more often than if you were to use a sounder material.

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Will C-Ports melt? Or alternatively, what is vulcanized rubber?

Oct 9, 2018 10:39:53 AM / by Charlene I. posted in recycled rubber, c-port, did you know


C-Ports are made of 100% recycled rubber from tires. And all modern tires are made from vulcanized rubber (note: this does not mean it comes from the planet Vulcan, Spock’s home). Therefore, no C-Ports will not melt because vulcanized rubber does not melt.

Back in the 1800s, rubber products were prone to melting in the hot weather. Why did this happen? The rubber back then did not undergo the same process as it does today to chemically change the properties that makes it heat-resistant.

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