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The Gasket Series, Slip Sheets or Glue Downs

Feb 27, 2019 8:58:47 AM / by C-Port Sales Team

The terminology may vary, but it's the application that matters. This may be the best add-on that your not familiar with...Yet.

If you browse our product section on our website, you'll notice a very broad range of rooftop pipe supports for pretty much every flat commercial roofing situation. One of those categories is the C-Port Gasket Series or CGW Series. This is a product line that is used by a very loyal customer base of ours. What I mean by that is, once customers use this, we see them re-use it because of how beneficial they find it.

 CGW12 application photo (2)

The Gasket series is a piece of roofing membrane that is mechanically attached to our C-Port. It gives the installer the ability to attach the C-Port to the roofing membrane with ease. As we discussed in a previous blog, this helps with wind uplift, some seismic applications and prevents potential roof damage in the future. As with any membrane, each material has a different way to adhere to the current roof.


Did You Know 

We can apply a slip sheet to any of our product lines. TPO, EPDM or PVC is available and we can cut custom sizes and apply them for those special jobs. Let us know the application and the roof membrane, and we can have a solution for you within a very reasonable time frame. 

CGW Series

Check out Neil Krovats, President of Clearline Technologies explaining the Gasket Series:


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